Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photos of Stewart Island Trip

Gog and Magog


Cooks Arm from Magog

Self on Gog

Smiths Lookout from Bald Cone

Self on Bald Cone

Harsh Wind Swept Enviroment

Bald Cone to the Right

Gog and Magog

Trig D near old Tin Mine

Stone Dam at top of Tramline Track

View North East along Tin Range

Doughboy from the Tin Range

Looking South from Mt Allen

Looking North from Mt Allen

North along Mason Bay

Little Hellfire Beach

Waituna Beach and Ruggedy Mountains

West Ruggedy Beach

Rugged Islands

Kiwi West of Long Harry

Long Harry

Smokey Beach

Tall Trees East of Lucky Beach

Looking South from Mt Anglem

A not so good picture of a Deer at Christmas Village Hut

Murray Beach

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