Thursday, June 3, 2010

Useless Statistics of the Whole Trip!

It took me 80 days where I did at least some walking.
The total distance travelled was 1497 kms which took 634 hrs.
That works out to be an average speed of 2.36km/hr.
The fastest paced section was 3.24km/hr from St Arnaud to Aickens.
The slowest paced section was 1.69km/hr from Aickens to Erewhon.
The fastest paced day was 4.95km/hr from the lower Dart to the Routeburn.
The slowest paced day was 0.71km/hr up the Blue River.

Note. distance is measured horizontally from a map, so doesn't include changes in altitude.
Therefore the actual distances are greater.

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