Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photos of Erewhon to Haast

This first photo taken from the road near Mt Sunday, looks across the Rangitata to Alma Peak.

Looking down North East Gorge from Trojan Stream.

Unnamed saddle on the Sibbald Range between the Macaulay and Godley.

View of Rankin Stream from Sibbald Range.

Looking at the North Branch from Rankin's Hut.

Rankin Pass from Rankin Stream.

Looking down Ailsa Stream from below Ailsa Pass

Looking up from Ailsa Stream to Ailsa Pass

A great panorama from Ailsa Pass, looking across the Murchison & Tasman valleys to Mt Cook.

Looking down the Tasman Glacier opposite the Murchison Valley

View from the Copeland Pass looking across the Hooker Glacier toward the Ball Pass track. Can you see the Copeland Shelter?

Yours truly at the Copeland Pass.

View from track looking down the Karangarua toward Cassel Hut.

Ice at the top of the Maori Glacier. The route follows the rocky ridge to the left.

View from the upper Landsborough River, looking down toward the Karangarua Saddle.

Rubicon Biv, Upper Landsborough.

View down the Landsborough River from Rubicon Biv.

The rugged upper section of the Landsborough and probably the most scenic part at The Sentinal.

Looking up the Landsborough from Pleasant Flat. Mt Hooker is at the head of the Clarke River.

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Vaughan Bradley said...

Hi Andrew

I found your blog while looking for some photo's of the Clarke River area. I am putting together a short video for the upcoming (next week) Charlie Douglas Centennial in Hokitika. The photo will be used by the Museum in their exhibition. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the photo in the video (although I need a version minus the text you have on the version in your blog).

The link was :

I will give you a credit in the titles for the use of the photo.

My email is:

Let me know if you would be able to help out.


Vaughan Bradley