Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photos of Erewhon to Haast

This first photo taken from the road near Mt Sunday, looks across the Rangitata to Alma Peak.

Looking down North East Gorge from Trojan Stream.

Unnamed saddle on the Sibbald Range between the Macaulay and Godley.

View of Rankin Stream from Sibbald Range.

Looking at the North Branch from Rankin's Hut.

Rankin Pass from Rankin Stream.

Looking down Ailsa Stream from below Ailsa Pass

Looking up from Ailsa Stream to Ailsa Pass

A great panorama from Ailsa Pass, looking across the Murchison & Tasman valleys to Mt Cook.

Looking down the Tasman Glacier opposite the Murchison Valley

View from the Copeland Pass looking across the Hooker Glacier toward the Ball Pass track. Can you see the Copeland Shelter?

Yours truly at the Copeland Pass.

View from track looking down the Karangarua toward Cassel Hut.

Ice at the top of the Maori Glacier. The route follows the rocky ridge to the left.

View from the upper Landsborough River, looking down toward the Karangarua Saddle.

Rubicon Biv, Upper Landsborough.

View down the Landsborough River from Rubicon Biv.

The rugged upper section of the Landsborough and probably the most scenic part at The Sentinal.

Looking up the Landsborough from Pleasant Flat. Mt Hooker is at the head of the Clarke River.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tramping Inventory

The following list outlines the gear I take on the traverse. I usually stock up for 10 days supply, though I normally arrange a food drop at about 7 days. All up weight is normally in the range of 25 - 30 kgs.

Pack (Macpac Cascade)
Pack Liner (Yellow)
Walking Stick (nei nei)
Tent (MSR Hubba)
Survival Sheet (used inside tent to waterproof floor)

Dry Bag
Sleeping Bag (Fairydown Scorpion)
Silk Liner (Kathmandu)
Small Towel
Camp Clothes
Fleece Pants
Fleece Top
LS Polyprop Top
Long Johns

Tramping Clothes
Long Johns
SS Polyprop Top
LS Polyprop Top[
Fleece Shirt
Sun Hat
Sun Glasses

HardwareMSR Dragonfly
MSR Fuel Bottle
Extra Fuel Bottle (optional)
Billy & Lid
Saucepan & Lid (also used as an eating plate)
SS Cup
Billy Tongs
Wooden Spoon
Cutlery Set
Scrubbing Cloth Green
Wiping Cloth Yellow
Pocket Knife
Lenser Headlamp LED
AAA Batteries 3 LED
AA Batteries 2 GPS
Drink Bottle(s)

SafetyFirst Aid Kit
Maps (Maptoaster, printed off computer)
GPS (Garmin E-trexH)
GPS Waypoints downloaded from Maptoaster!
Survival Blanket

Snow/Ice/Bluffs (As Required)
Abseil Rope
Tape Rope (used as a harness)
Tape Ropes
Friction Device

Ice Axe
Snow Stake

PersonalTooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Shampoo Sachets
Chap Stick
Sun Block
Insect Repellent
Toilet Paper

FoodSardines in Oil/Tuna 1 tin/day
Meat - Bacon, Sausages, Mince, Steak (optional)
Veges – Onion, Peppers, etc (optional)
Vegemite 115g
Peanut Butter
Salt & Pepper
Milk Powder 2 heaped spoons/day
Curry Powder
Muesli/Porridge 1 cup/day
Dehydrated Veges 100g
Continental Pasta 90g
Cuppa Soup 1 pkt
Rice Risotto 200g
Cous Cous
Muesli Bars 2-3/day
Juice Sachets
2min Noodles 85g
Vita Weat 250g 1 pkt/week
Cheese Slices 1 pkt/week
Tea 1 pkt 25/week
Trail Mix 50-100g/day
Energy Chocolate 250g

MiscellaneousCell Phone
Book (optional)
Pen and Notebook
Day Pack (optional)
Plastic Bags
Electrical Tape
Oddments of Rope
Bag Ties
Credit/Eftpos Cards